Construction Phasing

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The construction of 61st Ave. has been broken down into four phases, each with its own traffic pattern.


Phase One

Currently, phase one is in place from the Deep River bridge to State Road 51. The lane widths have been narrowed and both lanes have been shifted to the north to allow for construction on the south side of the road. Soon, traffic will be shifted to the south side of 61st Ave. from Deep River bridge to Arizona St. During phase one the sanitary sewer and the south half of the storm sewer will be installed east of the bridge and the north half of the storm sewer will be installed west of the bridge. The south side of the bridge will also be completed as well as the southern half of the roundabout at the Wisconsin/61st intersection. This phase of construction and traffic pattern is expected to stay in place over the winter.  Phase one will also include the closure of Wisconsin St. from 14th St. to 61st Ave.  A detour will be posted utilizing 14th St. and Washington St.  This closure will remain in place over the winter and through the spring to allow for new storm sewer and water main to be installed on Wisconsin St. and for construction of the northern half of the roundabout. (Detour map:  Wisconson St. Detour)


Phase Two

In the spring of 2016 the contractor is expected to move on to phase two of construction.  West of Wisconsin St., traffic will be split with the eastbound lane on the far south of 61st Ave. and the westbound lane on the far north side.  Construction from Arizona St. to Wisconsin St. will be in the center of the road, between both lanes of traffic.  The contractor will be adding on to the storm sewer crossings that run north/south on 61st Ave. at this time.  East of Wisconsin St., traffic will be on the south side of 61st Ave. with construction taking place on the north side.  Bridge construction will be on going during this phase as well.​


Phase Three

Phase three of construction will allow for the remaining sewer work to be completed. Traffic will be on the north side of 61st Ave. from Arizona St. to the bridge and on the south side of the road from the bridge to SR 51. This phase is expected to being in mid-summer of 2016.


Phase Four

Phase four is for the construction of the splitter islands from Wisconsin St. to SR 51. Signage, lighting, landscaping and other finishing work will also be taking place during this phase of construction. This phase will complete construction in November 2016.



During all phases of construction ingress and egress will be maintained to all residential and commercial driveways. No interruptions of mail delivery or garbage pick-up are expected. There may be times when 61st Ave. is restricted to one lane of traffic controlled by flaggers and travel delays may be encountered at various times throughout the project as well. Please exercise caution when traveling 61st Ave. during construction as the lanes will remain narrow and crews will be working very close to traffic. Safety of the construction crews and the traveling public is of the utmost concern to the contractor and City of Hobart.

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